Well, it's been a long time coming but the Stick Figure Products are returning!  Thank you to everyone who wrote and asked about the products and for your kind words and enthusiasm.  Most of all, thanks so much for your patience.  

The ASANA LEARNING DECK is now being printed and we are taking advance orders.  We have a minimum we need to reach so we would really appreciate your telling your friends and students.  We do have the ASANA VOCABULARY DECK in stock and the STICK FIGURE NOTE CARDS.  Posters and books to come in the next few months.  We will update you as we have more specific information.  

So sorry for the delay, the costs of lamination had quadrupled!  We had to find another way to bring the products in at a good price.  and then there is all that OMG proofing of the material!!  Special thanks to Vivian Prapuolenis for helping me find a good printer and for all her research and encouragement.

I hope you all feel the love and care that went into these products.  May they bring you joy and some ease in your experience of learning.  Please share if you like our products so we can continue with several other products we have in the works for you.  More than ever, so important to spread the love of yoga.

Yoga blessings,

Mikelle Terson


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